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Not every website is created equal. Building a website is easy, building an effective website that will help your business establish a pipeline of new leads and customers is a challenging task. The online landscape is complex and competitive. Your business needs a dedicated strategic partner that has the skills, technology, and experience to create an industry leading website for your business that can compete in today's overcrowded marketplace. 

Setup a consultation with our team today. We will work with you to analyze your current website, understand your goals, and put together a website plan designed to take your business to the next level. Webwriter is the right choice for your business at an affordable price. We create websites with a focus on Strategy-Purpose-Design. 


How We Work

WEEK 1 - Initial meeting and project evaluation

Webwriter offers an initial free consultation to discuss and evaluate your project requirements and desired objectives.This is an initial web-based meeting.

Week 3 - Project Initiation

Webwriter begins work and follows a pre-established timeline, milestones, and project program tasks and will update the client on a weekly basis.

Week 5- Initial review of site

Webwriter is reaching essential milestones for the project. An initial review of the site will be conducted and reviewed with Client. We are now entering into the final phases of development.

Final Step - Project goes live

Project sign off - S.E.O. Optimize your site and go live.

Week 2 - Project proposal and development plan

Webwriter will draft a project proposal and send it to you for review. A deposit is accepted at this time.

Week 4 - Predetermined Milestones are reached

Webwriter is reaching certain milestones for the project. Server is established, Themes installed and configured. Customizations begin. All timeline, milestones, and project program tasks will be submitted to the client on a weekly basis.

Week 6 - Project completion and sign-off

At this stage of the development cycle. A Webwriter consultant will meet with you for your project completion review and ensure each criteria has been met.

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Webwriter offers an international perspective in our web-design and IT development. We employ a variety of web design coding talent and expertise, and we have developed websites for clients around the world.


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